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ddk ddk   Custom Web Design & Logo Design

  • Landing Pages, Business, Personal, E-commerce, Social Networks and Blogs
  • Responsive to all devices: large and medium PCs, tablets and smartphones

ddk ddk   Website Management and Internet Marketing

  • Web analytics and web optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and submission
  • Content website management and marketing: Social media, Blogs and Articles
  • Domain names & web hosting

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For Your Success: Attractive Websites with Big-4 analytics experience -

Your website is the face of your company. It is the first impression about your business. We understand how it is to own and run online activities on the top of your regular business. There are not enough hours in a day to do everything you need, like updates of your website. What you really need is someone who understands your online business. Someone who can stay up to date with Internet technologies and advise you on how you can use them to your advantages.

DDKWEB Inc. is the one! We develop many cutting-edge online solutions for any types and sizes of businesses: individual, small businesses, educational institutions, companies of all sizes, and non-profit organizations. There is no matter your location, field, or industry…

Every website we build is custom made. We create WEBSITES FOR YOU that reflects YOUR VISION. We work side-by-side with our clients to discover the true entities of their companies, and then work to carry out their missions (including e-commerce) onto the web in the most efficient way. DDKWEB takes into account your brand and personal preferences, and create a look for your website that you are truly happy with. As a result, our clients have more business opportunities and reach highly recognizable business values.

We build optimized custom responsive websites that can work on many devices ranging from mobile (smart phones and tablets) to laptops, desktops and beyond. So, your consumers can easily and comfortably reach your website everywhere.

We do not just build websites. DDKWEB provides polished web designs with WEB ANALYTICS, WEB OPTIMIZATION and online MARKETING services. Here, we are using our advanced experience from a Big-Four firm. And this is OUR CRITICAL DISTINGUISHER: not so many small and mid-size companies can afford such advanced services from Big Four firms but here it is. Outstanding services with affordable prices! Take your ADVANTAGE TO BE AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS!!!

We can provide ALL THE WEB DESIGN SERVICES that your online businesses will ever need on the exceptional level!

Our goal is always to exceed our client's expectations.

That is our passion!

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